Orange Peel Powder and sun drying your herbs and vegetables. 

Orange Peel Powder and sun drying your herbs and vegetables. 

Many of you have been asking about celery and orange peel powder which I used yesterday.

I have been sun drying a lot of vegetables and herbs and yes even fruits like apples. As soon as something does not look too good on the shelf it is sun dried and stored; garlic and onion being the exception. You can either dehydrate in an oven on very low heat for several hours or make use of this hot summer to sun dry stuff. I dry orange peels, celery, garlic, onions, ginger, methi leaves, coriander stalks etc.

With most vegetables, it helps if you finely chop your items to be dried and then dry them. This way it dries quickly. Some items like onions may need to be dried and then put in the microvave or an oven to crisp it further but be careful as it can burn quickly. Keep your eye on it in the microwave.

I used orange peel powder to flavour food, in hot water which I drink (a pinch is enough) or even in a cocktail. Notice the colour in the image which clearly shows you how potent a pinch of orange peel powder to a cup of hot water changes the colour of the water. It does wonders for my cold. I even add a pinch to my black coffee to flavour the coffee. 

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