Plantain chips with corn mousse

Plantain chips with corn mousse

This is a salad you will adore. It is time consuming but worth every bite. It was made at the recent contest held in our parish.  No quantities are given but I am sure you will figure this out. Look at the images to see the layering of the salad. 

Cherry tomatoes
Italian basil
Amada ginger pickle
Green chilli

Boil corn with cream, butter, chilli and seasoning. Blend the mixture and strain it. Set it with cream, vinegar, salt, honey
Make a pickling liquid using equal parts of vinegar, water and half the qty of sugar. Drop in whole spices like bayleaf, peppercorn, coriander seeds. Bring this to one boil and let it cool. Slice starfruit and beetroot (cut it thinly) and let it sit for 2 weeks in the refrigerator to pickle. You can cut the beetroot with a cookie cutter to get a nice round shape or a star. 
For the zhoug- take equal quantities of parsley, mint and coriander. Add  two cloves,  a green chilli, some lemon,  a bit of cinnamon and olive oil.
For blistered cherry tomatoes – on high heat, throw in the cherry tomatoes and season


Corn mousse
Amada ginger pickle
Beetroot pickle
Starfruit pickle
Microgreen salad – basil, mint leaves, coriander
Fried plantain
Avocado cubes

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