Pork roast with fried potatoes

This recipe can be made with beef too. It was shared by Michelle Gonsalves from Orlem, Malad West and I have made a few changes. 

1kg pork shoulder that has a small cushion of fat or get a piece of pork loin for those who want to avoid the fat. Apply 2 tablespoons of ginger and garlic paste to the meat along with the juice of two sour limes. Add salt and. Rub this into the meat. Now with a fork make insertions so that the marination gets infused into the pork. Refrigerate. Continue to prick the pork, turning it over and rubbing in the marinade over the next two days (YES TWO DAYS). If you are using beef then add salt pitre or a meat tenderiser but do not do this for pork. 

On day three, add a tablespoon of sugar to a heavy bottom pan and caramalize the sugar over the fire. Now add a tablespoon of water and then a few sticks of cinnamon ( about two to three) about 2 cardamoms and about six cloves and a teaspoon of peppercorns. Also add 4-5 broken kashmiri chillies. Mix this well with the carmalized liquid. Now add the marinated meat and make sure all the whole garam masala and chillies are tossed well around the meat. Add two glasses of water and cook for an hour, turning the meat every 15 minutes. 

After an hour of cooking turn off the gas and  allow the meat to cool. Slice  the meat and put  it back into the vessel and let all the liquid thicken up making sure to stir the meat from time to time. Continue cooking this for 15 minutes and finally garnish with fried potatoes (optional)

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