Chicken with onion gravy

Chicken with onion gravy

This Chicken dish does not require coconut and uses green chillies as the heat agent. It is flavoured with a hint of nutmeg and curry leaves. Allow this dish to rest for at least half an hour if not more before serving. The flavours need time to marry.

I cooked this dish keeping in mind families that may want to be frugal with the use of chicken yet who may want to have a nice Sunday chicken dish.


Chicken – two breasts with bone (now adjust the rest of the ingredients to the quantity you require)

Onions – three large, sliced and do not reduce the quantity

Tomatoes – two diced roughly

Green chillies – four large

Potato – 1 large, diced thumbnail size

Coriander seeds – two teaspoons

Jeera or cumin – one tea spoon

Nutmeg – 1/8th grated

Turmeric powder – ¼ teaspoon

Methi seeds – ¼ teaspoon

Cinnamon – 1 inch piece

Cardamom – one

Cloves – 4

Garlic – eight cloves

Curry leaves – four large sprigs

Salt to taste

Oil as required


Cut chicken into curry pieces about half the size of your thumb. Slice the onions and on a pan (no oil) fry them till they are brown. When done move the onions to one side and add all the dry ingredients except the chillies, nutmeg and turmeric powder. Fry this for one minute.

In a blender add the roasted onion with the roasted spices along with the turmeric, green chillies and nutmeg. Blend this to a smooth paste. In a pan heat some oil and drop in the curry leaves. Once they are fried add the chicken pieces and allow them to be seared. The process of searing retains the juice within the chicken keeping it moist. To this add the ground masala and fry this for about two minutes. Now add two cups of water and the tomatoes, potatoes and salt to taste. Cover with a lid and allow to simmer till the oil begins to float on top of the dish. This is a sign that your masala is cooked. This process is roughly ten to fifteen minutes on simmer

Let you dish rest for a while. Then reheat and serve.

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