Simple Truth- Are options opportunities for anxiety?

The truth is that we are spoilt for choices; people who don’t have choices treasures what they have and in reality end up being happy. Don’t confuse basic necessities for choices.  We all need bread to eat and that is a necessity; but when we begin to ask ourselves if we need a brown bread or whole wheat, plain bread or a baguette, brioche or a croissant, then we are spoilt for choice.

I grew up confusing brand names as generic terms and I think you might have done the same. Did you know that zipper and escalator were brand names? Growing up, a Cadbury for me was any sweet treat. So when I wanted something sweet I asked for a Cadbury and received nothing more than a boiled sweet or what is also called a hard candy. With this I was satisfied and my world could not have been better. Today I stand at the duty free store at the airport and can’t figure out where to begin.

While choices and options present us with a world of variety, we must become aware that options also become opportunities for anxiety. It is this unstated reality that really bothers me, for choices and options are paraded as positive values when in reality they are pseudo values.

Let me take this to a whole new dimension of relationships. While I don’t believe that marriage should be taken glibly and without due thought and consideration, I find it a bit off, to say the least, that so many young people continue to be dissatisfied with what they see in others, especially when it comes to marriage.

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