Pork sausages and vegetables in a coconut stew

I am a big fan of one pot meals, they have everything a great dish needs and you do not have to labour much over these dishes as the many ingredients marry beautifully. This great dish has the flavour of pork which uplifts a vegetable stew to another level. For this dish use any hardy vegetables you like or have. I used what I had in my refrigerator . You can use peas, cauliflowers or beans besides the ones suggested below. Never use capsicums for this dish. Feel free to substitute the pork for chicken

Pork sausages – 500 grams
White pumpkin – 400 grams
Mushrooms – 200 grams
Carrots – 200 grams
Onions – one large
Coconut milk powder – 50 grams
Cinnamon – three one inch sticks
Cardamom – 4
Cloves – 6
Pepper corns – 10
Bal leaf – 2
Green chillies – 2
Curry leaves – 5 sprigs
Corn flour – 1 1/2 tablespoon
Salt and oil ( use coconut oil) as required

Cut the vegetables into one inch dices; onions included. Cut the pork sausages into half or the size of the vegetables. In a pan heat oil and add the cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, bay leaf and peppercorns. When they swell in size and release their oils add the green chillies (whole) and the curry leaves. Add the sausages and fry for about three minutes on a high flame. Now add the onions and stir this in for a minute before adding all the vegetables and about two cups of water or enough to cover the vegetables and the sausages. Allow this to simmer for about ten minutes.

In a bowl add the coconut milk powder and the cornflour with water (never hot water). Mix well and add to the vegetables stirring well. It is always good to allow the vegetable mixture to be brought to simmer rather than add the coconut milk when it is boiling. This will cause the coconut milk to split. However adding cornflour to the coconut milk mix prevents this from happening. Allow this to simmer for a few minutes more and then turn off the gas and allow the vegetables to cook in its own heat

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