Sukhya Sungtachi Kismoor – Goan salad with crisp dried prawns and freshly grated coconut.

Dried prawns – one cup or roughly 100 grams
Coconut – ½ small coconut freshly grated
Coconut oil – two tablespoons. (do not substitute)
Chilly powder – two teaspoons.
Turmeric powder – 1.4 teaspoons.
Green chilly – 1 finely chopped
Tamarind pulp – two teaspoons.
Onion – one, finely chopped.
Kokum – two pieces
Salt to taste.
Fresh coriander – as garnish

Fry the dried prawns in the coconut oil on a low flame for ten minutes or till crisp. Keep aside and let it cool down completely. In a bowl add the coconut and two teaspoons of chilly powder along with the 1/4 teaspoon of the turmeric powder. Add the green chopped chilly along with the tamarind pulp and the kokum. Add a cup of finely chopped onions (some people who do not like raw onions my want to saute the onions) Now mix the coconut, onion, chilly and the spices well and when done add the dry fried prawns. Add salt to taste (be careful as the prawns are already salty). Garnish with fresh coriander.

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