Simple truths – Why am I unhappy?

For some, today might just be a bad day. For others it’s been a bad week and still for many more this is a bad month or year. The simple truth is that no one has it easy three sixty five days of the year and yet we live in this illusion that grass is greener on the other side.

Of late I have been struggling with some issues too, primarily due to my second attack of Bell’s palsy and the emotional roller coaster  of “why’s” and “what if’s”. Accompanying the challenges to my health have also been personal matters that annoying have a habit of crossing my mind. Like a bad penny in your pocket, you always seem to stumble on them first. Being a priest does not give you immunity from pain and I have had some really low days (chill I am not depressed)

What bothers me is that these emotional swings cause me to feel low and often that feeling hovers over me like a monsoon cloud that won’t move on; you get my drift right? To make matters worse, I have this public image I have to live through; in fact we all do albeit to different degrees and social groups.

So I looked deep within me to find solace in my wells spring of happiness and it struck me that for many, our link to happiness is unfortunately deeply rooted to either our aspiration or achievements. We want to get something or become something and IF we do, we ‘seem’ to be happy. If our aspirations or achievements don’t materialize on an hourly, daily or weekly basis( depending upon our fix), then a feeling of low sets in and we succumb to the low feeling  or seek  a quick fix solution for a few hours only to be haunted by that every pervading feeling of being low again.

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