In the light of the uncalled for attacks on Bishop Anil Couto, the Archbishop of Delhi

It is quite obvious that some media channels serve their political masters. You cant be neutral when your company has been heavily invested in  by a sitting Rajya Sabha member or your company is closely aligned to a political party. Even if they do have their political masters, I believe they are free to report as their conscience bids. BUT should these Channels not declare their affiliations or political alignments OPENLY so that we know clearly which bosses they really answer to ?

I am sure that Bishop Anil Couto and every Catholic of sound faith also serves their master, The Lord Jesus Christ and we have no problem in declaring it openly. The Archbishop asked for prayers, is that also now under censorship ? If so, then his letter is perfectly justified in expressing concern about democratic institutions being under threat. Our call for prayer and fasting does not make us pro any political party or anti national so stop telling a lie to the nation.

Your turn now, PAID MEDIA to step out and declare who your Lords and masters are.

Fr Warner D’Souza

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