Declare who your masters are

In the light of the uncalled for attacks on Bishop Anil Couto, the Archbishop of Delhi

It is quite obvious that some media channels serve their political masters. You cant be neutral when your company has been heavily invested in  by a sitting Rajya Sabha member or your company is closely aligned to a political party. Even if they do have their political masters, I believe they are free to report as their conscience bids. BUT should these Channels not declare their affiliations or political alignments OPENLY so that we know clearly which bosses they really answer to ?

I am sure that Bishop Anil Couto and every Catholic of sound faith also serves their master, The Lord Jesus Christ and we have no problem in declaring it openly. The Archbishop asked for prayers, is that also now under censorship ? If so, then his letter is perfectly justified in expressing concern about democratic institutions being under threat. Our call for prayer and fasting does not make us pro any political party or anti national so stop telling a lie to the nation.

Your turn now, PAID MEDIA to step out and declare who your Lords and masters are.

Fr Warner D’Souza

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8 thoughts on “Declare who your masters are”

  • Well said, Fr Warner. It’s time the media were called out to declare their true colours. An independent, free and unbiased Press that cannot be coerced is the best sign of a true Democracy. Where does this place us in the scheme of things?

    • Archibishop and Co. Need to first come clean on who their masters are ? Are they sitting in ROME, CANADA or USA? How much has Sonia Gandhi the Italian import have an influence on these people? What is the role of Vatican in formating trouble in Hindustan? Kundakulam is a clear example of how Christian forces are trying hard to cause confusion and anarchy in Hindustan . Millions of dollars are being poured in for conversion activities in india.from where does all these money flow in ?? Who are your masters sending you these huge sums of money ? Answer all these questions and then you can ask questions.

      • My dear Sir, you have many question to ask yet they are a series of allegations with no proof. Substantiate your argument with hard facts. If there were hard facts do you think any government would not have come out all guns blazing? If millions of dollars were pouring in I am sure the honourable Finance minister would be jumping up and down waving the proof in his hands.
        The Archbishop has come clean on who his master is, it is Jesus Chirst. Would the paid media now be so kind as to tell us who their masters are. And before i sign off….would you ask the goverment in power to let us know who is funding their political campaigns?Is it not true that such information has been taken off the table by this very government?
        To answer your questions I need proof not just wild allegations. What I have said is in public domain.
        Your turn

  • Appropriate reply Warner! Need to get going with more such stuff. The need of the hour is for us all to come together & flood social media with ‘Voices of lay people’. Even our brothers & sisters of other faiths who appreciate what the Christian community does & stands for. Must enable our people to make themselves heard. Let them come to a single venue speak in to camera and say their piece. Record & upload. One does not need fancy words or fancy equipment. Even a smartphone will do. Of course one will need to filter blabbermouths… Often I notice that we in the community tend to pull each other down. In a way we ourselves are a polarised lot! Let’s not present ourselves as Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Evangelical, Goan, East Indian, Manglorean, Malayalee or Tamil. We are CHRISTIAN & that’s our brand image… that we love one another!

  • Well said Father! In fact they need not declare also who their masters are! It’s quite obvious from their presentation of news articles!

  • Probably too much to ask of these cowards !! Those whose only agenda is to create turmoil and sensation over the slightest of matters…

    Yes !! I have no fear in openly accepting the Lord as my Master..

  • First of all Stop going on Republic TV n Times Now, at Republic the Anchor Who ask questions n answers them himself n thinks the Nation does not know he is a Looney.
    Excercise in Futility .

  • Thanks for initiating this.. it’s time we ask the news channels to specify if they are showing the truth of false news. It can be done by showing an authenticity meter like 100% true.


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