Giving God what is RIGHT and not what is LEFTover

Today I woke up and hit my phone first thing in the morning . A few routine messages and one rather unpleasant one and this was followed by a beautiful motivational video that brought a smile. All in all, the morning balanced out but as I went to light the candle on my altar I realized that I had placed HIM second and my phone first .

If I had reversed the order, the unpleasant message would have been easier to bear rather than it weighing down on my heart . The responses to it would have been filled with greater love.

Today I placed Jesus second in my morning and I am poorer for the graces I could have received. But then again tomorrow is another opportunity to begin my day right and I will be richer for that, for the Lord is always kind and merciful .

We give the Lord what is RIGHT not what is LEFTover .

Fr Warner Dsouza
6th September 2018

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