SACRED ART IN 100 WORDS -The Last Supper-Domenico Ghirlandaio, 1486, San Marco, Florence

The painting depicts the Apostles seated around a long C-shaped mensa. White cloth andFlorentine cutlery are spread across the table. Christ sits at the center while the youngest apostleJohn leans towards Him. To Christ’s right sits Peter, the imminent First Pope. Notice that Judas sits on the other side, facing Christ.

The painting is highly symbolic. On the table, together with bread and wine, are placed cherries symbolizing the blood of Christ. The lunettes in the background depict a Tuscan Garden with fruit trees and cypresses (symbolizing redemption). At our right is perched a peacock. It represents resurrection and is supported by the immortal lark. However, the most engaging symbol is the cat. Seated behind Judas, it announces deceit and thus serves as a precursor of the events to follow.

– Archdiocesan Heritage Museum

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