Sunday – 19th Sunday in Ordinary time – Matthew 14:22-33

Today we celebrate Vianney Sunday and I would like to take the Gospel of today and dove tail it with the celebrations of clergy day that we celebrate across the world. I will do this in the form of a meditation.

THE LORD: The Gospel text begins with Jesus withdrawing into the mountains to pray. Prayer and solitude were an integral part of Jesus’ life but this time his desire to be alone in prayer was tinged with sadness. Chapter 14 begins with the narrative of the beheading of John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus. Immediately after this Jesus found himself thronged by people in the wilderness who were spiritually and physically hungry. There was no time to grieve. So, he fed the five thousand and with a heart that was still grieving he went to the mountains where he prayed.

HIS PRIEST: My life must be a mirror of you Lord; the servant cannot be greater than the master. Many times, I too hold back my own emotional needs to meet the needs of those entrusted to my care. Like you Lord, I find the harvest great and the labourers disappearing. I am human Lord, I struggle with my own ups and downs and there is no one to help me pick up my shattered heart, there is no time to deal with it, so I sweep them under the carpet. Where do I find my solitude? Like you Lord I have to find some time to be alone to find strength in prayer and snatch a few moments of silence.

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