Thai pork stir fry with shrimp paste

Thai pork stir fry with shrimp paste

Pork meat – 200g, 1 red chilli, 1 stem of lemon grass,  4 pc karffir leaves, one green chilli, Red shallots, one small sized Garlic, 4 cloves,1 tbsp shrimp paste, 1 tbsp palm sugar, 1 tsp fish sauce,1 tbsp oysters sauce, 1/2 tbsp tamarind sauce

Tear the kaffir lime leaves vertically half and remove the central vein. Cut the red chilli lengthwise into strips. Cut the lemon grass finely.

Cut the outer skin of the pork and cut the pork into thin and flat slices.

In a pastel smash into a paste the lemon grass, green chilli, shallots (red onions) and the garlic. Once done add the shrimp paste

in a pan, heat some oil and fry the smashed paste. Stir for half a minute and add the pork. Add a bit of water so that the paste does not burn. Now add the palm sugar and the oyster sauce and keep stirring. Add the tamarind and fish sauce. Stir the dish well. Add water as required and cook till the meat is tender. If not tender keep adding half cup of water at a time till the meat is tender and the dish has very little sauce. Taste for salt and add accordingly Add the red chillies and kaffir like leaves. Stir and serve hot

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