THE BOMBAY SEMINARY: Today, 5th October – The Diamond Jubilee of the Bombay Seminary


On this glorious day where memories and hopes meet, we present to you the composition of celebration as published in the College Magazine, 1960. Happy Reading!


Behold this hour the curtain rises, to inaugurate a new era in Bombay’s star-spangled history!

A new expansive edifice, and all it means, in Goregaon’s rural environs, is now the seminarium of her future priests;

The infallible object of admiration, of every passerby and visitor,

A landmark which while yet unfinished, merited a name from the local inhabitants:

Panchmala” they called it, “The Five-storeyed”.

Lodged midst Nature’s inimitable beauty, recipient of her attentions

The perfect setting for the “Benedicite” or Francis’ “Canticle to Brother Sun”‘

’Tis Nature inviting to prayer…and contemplation.


In this atmosphere of peace, each priest-to-be may undisturbed

Unlock the secrets of his books,

Striving to know what men and priests must know,

Qualifying as far as weak humans can,

For that herculean enterprise which Christ has entrusted to him:

“Go, and teach ye all nations…’ But success is never cheaply won;

While we sound the trumpet of accomplishment,

Our tide of joy may rise above the grey rocks of anxiety,

But we do not forget, we cannot forget

The secret sacrifices, the plenteous sacrifices,

The rich offerings, the widow’s mite,

And the unstinting labour, that have built it all

Though not these only,

For “Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it”.


We look into a sunlit future, a future of prosperity and increase,

Though we rule not out the shadows! For we trust in Him whose promises

Calmed the fears of Moses and Joshua, of the prophets Isaias and Jeremy,

In His Son who to tongue-tied fishermen said. “I am with you…

We trust in the spirit, the Enlightener, The Fire, which moves every heart to Generosity!

To them we pray that this College, may be the birth-place of saintly priests;

We likewise pray that every giver may receive due meed,

For theirs was at least a cup of water to a Christ in need.



(Fraternitas, 1960)

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2 thoughts on “THE BOMBAY SEMINARY: Today, 5th October – The Diamond Jubilee of the Bombay Seminary”

  • Congratulations!!!
    Every word spoken, every word used to describe the Seminary is fitting and true, today as it was in 1960!!

    It was paradise then and now heaven, amidst all the noise and din, surrounding it. Thank God for the vision and foresight of our dear Church , the Seminary is a landmark of peace and tranquility.
    It also readies Priests to serve the Catholic community. The few priests I know, are committed, dedicated and on duty, 24/7.

    Thank you and may God bless the Seminary and the teachers
    for doing a wonderful job.

  • As we celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Seminary, I bow down in gratitude and admiration to this God appointed birthplace of saintly priests. It stands tall and magnificent amidst the greens and lush surroundings. We pray for all those who put in their hard work and toil, and the abundance of committed priests of whom we are blessed.


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