The Goregaon Seminary building operations were started on August 22, 1957. Few months into the project the team was deprived of its two Principals of the Firm of Chartered Architects namely Mr. Patki and Mr. Dadarkar, who passed away with a sudden illness. Structurally, the Goregaon Seminary was a laurel to these architects as well as the Structural Engineer, Mr. Mazumdar. The construction also owes its completion to the main contractors, The United Construction Company, of which the Chief was Mr. Dhanukar. Accompanying him were the other main Firms including the Electrical Engineers, Mr. Desai; the Plumbers, Mr. Chhotalal; Lighting, and Sound, Philips Ltd.

During the inaugural speech, Valerian Cardinal Gracias congratulated the army of workers with the following words:

‘It was a pleasure to work with this army of architects, engineers, and contractors, for in each case they took pride in the construction of the building, realizing that the institution, though religious is a distinctive asset to the City and State; and consequently in all cases, they granted a heavy discount. Ecce Homines! with their wives basking in the sunshine of their husbands’ glory! I am wondering after all if it is their day or mine and ours! In the opinion of the Architects and Contractors to have completed this Building in three years when during this period there were several breaks due to the rains, shortage of steel and cement, and other unforeseen circumstances, is considered by them an achievement.’

 Sixty years later, the day is still ours. The Bombay Seminary exhibition would be an unfinished symphony, lest we pay tribute to those who toiled to build this architectural glory. Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam we virtually take you through the bricks and mortars of the Bombay Seminary with the permission of the resident supervisors – Rev Fr Sylvester Pereira, Bro Florian, and Bro Zachary. Put on your safety helmets as we explore the construction ‘on-site’.   

 Stay tuned as we explore more! Please feel free to share this story with others and your story of the Seminary with us! You will get regular updates at this blog site on this exhibition.



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One thought on “THE BOMBAY SEMINARY: A Virtual Site Visit”

  • Interesting History of the Seminary Building and Architecture!
    May the awesome premises as well as surroundings continue to truly inspire the aspirant-priests towards excellence in study and formation in their Christ-centred mission and ministry!
    And may the Holy Mother shelter them with her maternal care!


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