Lenten reflections from the Parish Mission


Thoughts from the first talk preached this morning by Lenny Soares at our parish mission at St Jude Church

The invitation of Jesus to us, during the season of Lent is to “come to me (Him) all who labour”. In the season of Lent Jesus does not say to us “go to this mission or attend this programme or activity” ( don’t use this as a justification to not go without understanding the rest of the text) . What Jesus is asking us to do in Lent is to first   BE WITH HIM- He is the reason for the season. No preacher can take centre stage in Lent, the spotlight belongs to the Lord. 

The word He uses is “come”; the call is personal and the invitation is directly from Jesus (to me). This call is not to a select few, for Jesus says,” come to me ALL you who labour.” For Jesus there is no distinction between rich or poor, saint or sinner; all are welcome .

The missions we attend, the Lenten disciplines we follow are tools to come close to Him. They are a means to an end and not an end in itself for Jesus is at the heart of Lent; He is the heart.

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