Chick pea curry with cauliflower and peas

Chick pea curry with cauliflower and peas

When cooked to make a curry, chick pea or Kabuli chana is absolutely mind blowing. Chickpeas are buttery and creamy and have a very strong nutty flavour. I wanted to make a curry that had a different colour and so I came up with this little dish which I liked very much and would like to share with you. The combination of cauliflower and chickpea is fantastic.

Ingredients to be pressure cooked
Chickpea – 200 grams, soaked overnight
Onions – two large, chopped
Tomatoes – two medium
Green chillies – four chopped
Garlic – ten cloves
Salt – one tablespoon

Ingredients for the curry
Cauliflower – 600 grams before cleaning, broken down into bite sized florets
Peas- one handful
Garam masala – one tea spoon

Oil or ghee

Ingredients for tempering
Tomato – half and nearly chopped into very small dices
Curry leaves – one sprig
Jeera/cumin- one teaspoon
Garlic – six cloves

Soak chickpeas in water overnight. Drain, change the water and add double the quantity of water with the chickpeas to a pressure cooker. Add the chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, chopped green chillies, garlic and salt. Pressure cooker this for 15 whistles. When done, cool and drain separating the stock which you need to reserve.

In a blender add the cooked peas with with cooked garlic, tomatoes and onions. Add some stock and blend till you get a smooth and silky paste. When done add the remaining stock to the ground chick pea mixture. You may have to add a bit of water if your stock is not enough.

In a pot heat some oil and add the chick pea mixture and the stock that you have blended: this should resemble a thick curry. Add water or stock as desired. Bring this to a boil but stir it as it may tend to stick to the bottom of the pan. Now add the cauliflower and fresh green peas and cook for five minutes. If you are adding frozen peas, run it under room temperature water and add it just before the tempering process. It will cook in the heat of the dish. Sprinkle the garam masala and stir in into the dish.Turn off the gas and cover the dish allowing the cauliflower to cook in its own heat.

After ten minutes heat oil in a pan and when the oil is super hot add the tempering ingredients all at once and pour this over the cauliflower dish.

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