FLUUUSSSSSSHHHHHH………… It’s Downloaded.

FLUUUSSSSSSHHHHHH………… It’s Downloaded.

“What is life so full of care, we have no time to stand and stare’’, as the words of the famous poem ‘Leisure’ by William Henry Davies goes. I guess today with the invention of the smartphone at whom we stare all day, even more so than looking at ourselves in the mirror, Mr. Davies would have to make some modifications to his poem. I am pretty sure even the Evil Queen from the story ‘Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs’ would have replaced her magic mirror swiftly for a smartphone.

 It’s no secret that we have an involved association with technology. Be it for educational projects, social lives, recreational activities and even use of technology to organize ourselves. With the calendar, analog clocks, cameras, postcards & letters been overtaken long ago, today we even have apps for fitness, dating, gaming, tracking, you name it & it’s available in the palm of your hand. With more than 2.50 million apps available, naturally an addiction sets in and before you know it, your trapped.

At a get-together a couple of months ago, a friend’s son had not attended the party. On enquiring it was learnt, he was too busy on his phone to bother attending the luncheon. Then surfaced the real truth, he was so addicted that he has not one, not two, but 7 I-phones, using all phones for gaming and who knows for what. Being so attached to the phone as he is, it follows him or should I say he follows it like Mary’s little lamb even to the toilet, sitting there for hours on end. Unsure if there’s an app to rate how well you’ve dropped your bombs or to let you know if you hit the right notes when you’ve passed wind. We are told the addiction is so much he even bathes with his phone in the bathroom. I don’t blame his mother for wanting to look for a suitable match to take away his attention. Chances are they could both end up conversing through WhatsApp. All levity aside cellphone addiction is real, there is no denial.

How many of us are struck by the gaze of the Snake- Haired Medusa? The high- tech phone application which seemed like a pastime or aid is now the demon that has gripped us.

Blame it on loneliness, stress, social media madness, lack of socializing or just the desperate want to be loved and appreciated in the real world that attracts us to the virtual world. For the majority of us, it’s far too late to realize we’re already become slaves to our phones.

How many of us are unknowingly walking that path? The day may not be far when Alexa would replace a mother singing a lullaby to her little one.

It’s time for a reality check so as not to miss out the real joys & beauty around.

Are we using technology as a boon or becoming prisoners of it? Is there an overload of downloaded technology?  The Power is yours. Take back the controls now and like Perseus, Behead Medusa.

Nigel and Abigail Fernandes

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9 thoughts on “FLUUUSSSSSSHHHHHH………… It’s Downloaded.”

  • Very nice article, I hope the youth realise what they are doing with their life’s and where they will end up to be… Thanks Nigel and Abigail for another inspiring article, which shows us some reality which we know but pretend not to see.
    Lovely. Keep it up, awaiting for more such inspirational articles. God bless.

  • A good focus on the tech reality of life

  • Well written!

    It’s called – What Monkey See – Monkey Do! I have seen children under the age of two using mobile phones, knowing exactly which icon brings up their cartoons, live recordings, etc. So, the solution is really quite simple – Parents need to stop using their mobile phones in the presence of their children!

    But, then again Indian Society is based on “Social Acceptance”, so children are not born out of love – but pressures from society & their need to fit in! Much like most marriages! So, parents are mostly unwilling to put in the time required!

    Children these days don’t have many siblings to play with either and parents don’t want them going out lest they get hurt or in the case of the monsoons – sick! As they don’t have the “Time” to look after a sick or injured child!

    Bitching about everything and doing nothing is the way of life in India and it drives me crazy!

    God Does Not Expect You To Succeed.
    He Only Expects You To Try.
    – Mother Teresa

    Keep on writing!

    GBT WHO WE……Adrian

    God Blesses Those Who Help Others Without Expectations

  • A very well written article by Nigel and Abigail on smart phone addiction which has now become so intrusive and all- pervading in our lives. There is a delightful touch of humor running through the piece which makes for nice reading. Loved the Alexa lullaby. Very apt and appropriate, and a timely call for us to break out of our cellphone stupor and take time to smell the roses. Looking forward to more articles from you. Cheers

  • I enjoyed reading your article Nigel and Abigail. You have dwelt on a very important topic.

  • very nicely penned down. This is the fact of today’s generation. so glued to the digital world that they dont realise and dont adjust with the real world, the family, siblings, relations.

  • So well written and true. Nigel and Abigail. We seem to have all the time to sit and stare.

  • Well written, Nigel and Abigail, and so true
    All we seem to do these days is sit and stare

  • Well written article Nigel & Abigail..I liked the humour part of it also. Looking forward to more articles from you.


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