Opening of our Church on 4th October

My dear parishioners,

As you are aware the government has now permitted the opening of Churches from the 7th of October 2021. This is a happy day for us as it is also the memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary. There is a saying that I like very much; ‘where the mind goes the man follows.’ I do hope our minds are on the Lord in which case we will see ALL of you in Church in the days to come. The government advisory does not forbid those above the age of 65 and those below the age of 10 from attending mass; it discourages but does not forbid.

After having consulted certain bodies in the parish I wish to announce the following details that will help you in the days to come. The Holy Eucharist will be celebrated at 7 am and 7 pm on weekdays. The Sunday obligation can be fulfilled on Saturday evening at 7 pm or on Sunday at 7 am, 8.30 am and 10 am. We will also have a mass on Sunday evening at 6 pm. Please note that the Sunday 7 am mass will be in Konkani while the Sunday 6 pm mass will be bi-lingual keeping in mind several Hindi speaking parishioners. Please note that the mass timings will be reviewed if we feel the need to increase the number of masses over the weekend.

Funeral masses will now be celebrated in Church on weekdays at 10 am or 4 pm and on Sundays at 4 pm only. Please consult the parish priest before making any announcements with regard to funerals. We are also happy that those couples desiring to be joined in Holy Matrimony may now be able to do so in Church. If the wedding mass is on a Sunday, please note that the same can only be held at 5 pm as we are leaving a slot free at 4 pm for a possible funeral and that the next mass is at 6 pm. Baptisms will now be held every Sunday at 11.30 am only. Confessions will be heard on Saturdays at 6pm and I will try my best to be available to you for confessions before every mass.

The Cardinal’s directive advices us to accommodate only 1/3rd of the seating capacity of the Church. Hence will be able to seat 150 people for any liturgical ceremony. To make things easy for everyone, please follow the instructions of the ushers strictly. I have asked the ushers to always be polite but that request must also be mutual. The ushers are here for your safety but even more the safety of all. You are obliged to listen to the ushers. We also request you to please come to Church at least 10 minutes before Mass can begin to be assured of a seat as we will be open on a first come first serve basis. Kindly observe all covid protocols in Church.

Henceforth, the parish office will be open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12.30 pm and from 3 pm to 6.30 pm. On Saturdays we will be open only in the morning. I am available every day in the parish office from 10 am to 1pm. However, it makes better sense to call and make an appointment. Now that the doors of our Church will be open, we will no longer be broadcasting the Sunday Mass. I want to thank those on the online mass team for the commendable job they did the last three months.

Finally, I look forward to seeing you all in Church. Let us ‘rejoice as we hear the people say; let’s go to the temple of the Lord.” (Psalm 122). See you in Church!


Weekday Mass

Holy Eucharist will be celebrated at 7 am and 7 pm
Funeral Mass: 10 am or 4 pm

Weekend Obligation/Services/Sacraments

Saturday Mass at 7 pm
Confessions at 6 pm

Sunday Morning Masses:

7am (Konkani), 8.30 and 10 am.
Baptism: 11.30 am
Funeral Mass: 4pm
Wedding Mass: 5 pm
Sunday Evening Mass: 6 pm (bi-lingual)

Note: Mass timings will be reviewed and revised as and when there is a need to increase the number of masses over the weekend.

Fr Warner D’Souza
Parish Priest

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