Hymns for 9th January ’21, Saturday after Epiphany


Mass time 7 pm
Mass link: https://bit.ly/fr-warner-youtube


Entrance: Wherever Two Or Three

Wherever two or three are gathered in my name.
I will be with you, the Lord proclaimed.

Come, brothers, come, sisters, gather round the Lord,
Come, brothers, come, sisters, hear his holy Word.
And he will bring us happiness and he will bring us peace,
His goodness is eternal and his wonders never cease.


Response – The Lord takes delight in his people


Offertory: Simple Gifts

Simple gifts we bring before the table of God,

Simple gifts we offer as a present to God They’re a sign of our lives
Which now we give to you, O Lord,
Please consecrate and make them good.


Communion : तू दिल में है प्रभु मधुर

तू दिल में है प्रभु मधुर मागू यही दुआ ।
भक्ति भरे हृदय से मैं पूजूं तुझे सदा ।।

पापों से तुने मुक्ति दिलाई
आया मेरे घर मेहमान बन
पापी हूँ फिर भी , भक्ति निभाई
देखा ना तुझसा दूजा सजन

जब से तू आया सन्तोष पाया
दिल तो खुशियों से भरपूर है
दर्शन मैं तेरा करता हूँ मन से
तेरा प्रभू मुझमें तो नूर है


Recessional: I Now No Longer Live

I now no longer live;
Christ, my Lord, lives in me.
Christ: forever my joy.
I must walk in his love.

Christ in my mind, my life, my heart.
Christ to the world with joy I must bring.






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