Madhubani paintings at the Art Gallery of South Australia

Day two at the museum and we documented thirty-six Madhubani paintings donated  to the The Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA), located on the cultural boulevard of North Terrace  in a Adelaide. This  is one of three significant visual arts museum in South Australia . It has a collection of over 35,000 works of art.

Today I had the great price large of working with James Bennett and Rusty Kelty who are curators of the Asian art section.

Mithila painting (also known as Madhubani painting) is practiced in the Mithila region of India and Nepal. Painting is done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks, using natural dyes and pigments, and is characterized by eye-catching geometrical patterns. There is ritual content for particular occasions, such as birth or marriage, and festivals, such as Holi, Surya Shasti, Kali Puja, Upanayanam, Durga Puja.

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