Peppery Ivy Gourd or Tendli with coconut.

Most of our cooking need not be complex. Because a dish has many ingredients it does not translate as a great dish. Most vegetables carry flavours distinct to themselves; capsicums and Ivy gourd being some of them. These vegetables carry themselves off very well and over spicing them is like pouring soya sauce on an Indian-Chinese dish before you even eat it. Finally, vegetables need to be cooked not over cooked. Keep this dish crisp and light and enjoy it as soon as you make it. The cooking time is no more than ten minutes while the preparation may take about twenty. 

Tendli or Ivy Gourd – 650 Grams
One onion minced
Tomato – one
Coconut – 50 grams or four large tablespoons
Curry leaves – one sprig
Chillies – two
Pepper powder – one and a half teaspoon coarsely crushed
Turmeric – half teaspoon
Salt to taste

In a pan heat some oil. Add curry leaves, chillies and onion. Fry till translucent and then add the tomato. Stir this for a minute and add the pepper powder, turmeric and salt. Now add the tendli which you have cut into quarters, lengthwise and cook it for four minutes with a lid on stirring it quickly every minute ( I actually timed this). Turn off the gas and add the grated coconut. Cover with a lid and let the tendli bhaji cook in its own heat. It must be crunchy not soggy when you eat it

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One thought on “Peppery Ivy Gourd or Tendli with coconut.”

  • One more dish tried…. It was super easy…. I wish cooking everything and anything wat this easy….

    So the good part about this dish is…. My kids are having it…n loved it… First time they are having tendli… But my in-laws are use to killing the veggies like you said .. So they found it kacha😂


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