Poha – A dish that can be eaten from breakfast to tea time

Poha – A dish that can be eaten from breakfast to tea time

Poha – 100 grams
Groundnuts – 10 grams
Potato – one very large cut into dices
Onions – two medium sized
Tomato one large
Curry leaves – two sprigs
Turmeric – 1/2 teaspoon
Mustard seeds – one teaspoon
Green chillies – 2 or 3
Ginger garlic paste – one teaspoon
Fresh coriander
Salt to taste

I took two medium sized onion and chopped it fine along with a tomato and two green chillies. I then diced one large potato which I fried in a little oil. I set the fried potato aside

Take some oil and crackle a teaspoon of mustard seeds. Now drop in the green chillies, two spring of curry leaves and to this added the onion. Let this fry till the onions are translucent. Add in the tomato and a tea spoon of ginger garlic paste and cook for two minutes till the tomatoes have lost its raw flavour.  To this I added salt to taste and half teaspoon of turmeric. 

Now add about two handfuls of beaten rice or Poha which you have previously put in a large sieve or colander and let water run over it. Place your hand between the tap and the colander so that the pressure does not break the poha. Let the water run over it till the poha has soaked up the water.This should then be set aside to drip. TIP – I do not soak my poha in water but use this method which was taught to me by my sister Cherida Fernandez and this makes all the difference to the visual appeal. 

After adding the poha to the mixture, stir the poha and add about four tbsp of water and cover for one and a half to two minutes. Turn off the gas and add the fried potatoes and  the ground nuts which have been roasted in a pan. Also mix in about two tablespoons of fresh coriander. A squeeze of lime makes it all the better.

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4 thoughts on “Poha – A dish that can be eaten from breakfast to tea time”

  • Very delicious dishes father

  • Wow enjoying poha everytime I cook in your style. Thankyou so much Fr Warner.

  • I made this a few days ago but got around to writing in here only now. Delicious and I enjoyed your style 3 days in a row. The addition of fried potatoes at the end was a nice touch and so was your tip for washing it by breaking the flow of water.
    I enjoyed your teaching today very much and a big hi-five to it. As I get into a deeper relationship of “knowing” Him through the Word, signs, miracles and sensations turn such a ‘by-product’, to borrow your word.
    Thank you Padre. May the Lord be with you in sickness and health.


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