THE BOMBAY SEMINARY: The Long Road to Goregaon

THE BOMBAY SEMINARY: The Long Road to Goregaon  

The opening portals of the Archdiocesan Seminary, Goregaon ushers us into a whole new world. Here the hustling and bustling of the ever constellating city gradually comes to a stand-still. Trudging up the ancient hillock leaves one breathless. As we reach the flattened peak, there before us it stands – warm and welcoming, the neat and complete Seminary of the Archdiocese of Bombay.

The road to this final destination was long and arduous. The paths converged and diverged until the arrival of Archbishop Joaquim Lima in 1928. Aware of the earnest yearnings, the Archbishop left no stone unturned to begin a Seminary in this beloved Archdiocese.

“The Seminary was erected by a decree of May 2, 1936; and started at Parel by the late Archbishop Lima, SJ on June 12, 1936….In his speech at the Inauguration…His Grace has said: ‘In inaugurating the Seminary of Bombay, I may state for your information that this is the fifth time in the history of the Archdiocese that a Seminary in Bombay has been established. I hope and pray that it will not be necessary to close the Seminary once again.’”Valerian Cardinal Gracias

Sources state that the Parel Seminary was the third (not fifth) attempt at ‘reopening’ the Bombay Seminary. However research recounts that the Seminary moved at least twelve times in the Pre-Parel period

  • What compelled these tedious travels of the budding Seminary?

  • How long was the journey to the ‘Promised Land’?

  • Who laboured, with or without love, the task of laying its bricks?

As we embark upon this ‘Long Road to Goregaon’ we invite you to join us in exploring the Storeys of Stories! You will get regular updates at this blog site on this exhibition.

Please feel free to share this story with others and your story of the Seminary with us!

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